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BANKS POWER Banks Bullets

Pre-set tuner levels with our Banks Bullets allow you to boost your power and read the changes in your output. You'll get more torque and horsepower depending on the setting you run at, and your engine will run more efficiently than stock. Shop below to browse the full list of gauges, or select a vehicle category on the left to see the product systems that fit your vehicle.

Increase Horsepower And Torque With Banks Bullet Tuners

The Banks Bullet has you choose from three pre-set power levels that each increase your power and torque ability to let you adjust your power on the go. It is also a fully functional boost gauge that allows you to set boost levels that trigger an alarm if the level gets above the limit that you set.

The system is fully compatible with our thermocouples to further upgrade the system. That optional upgrade allows you to control your exhaust gas temperatures by setting a temperature limit that sends you an alert if your temp gets too high.