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BANKS POWER Monster Dual Exhausts

Drastically lower exhaust gas temperatures while increasing airflow and performance with our Monster Dual Exhaust systems. Find the full list of systems below, or select a category on the left to find the systems compatible with your vehicle.

Lower Temperatures and Better Sound With Monster Dual Exhaust

Get better performance from your exhaust with our Monster Dual Exhausts. They cut out backpressure issues by streamlining the airflow through the massive 4 inch diameter pipes, and that gets you less resistance and more power. Along with that, you see way lower exhaust temperatures, and our pipes safely keep away from any wiring, hoses, and your spare tire, letting you keep your systems safe and undamaged.

An additional part of these exhaust systems is our CoolCuff technology, which dramatically cools the exhaust temperature just past the particulate filter, so you don't have to worry about overheating and melting down.

These systems come with adjustable tail pipe tips so you can position them just right for the look you desire. They come in your choice of black or chrome, and their design includes a small air gap to prevent tarnishing the finish.