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Banks Products for 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L

Build up the power capability in your 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L Gas vehicle with our parts and systems. You can search through the full list of products below, or select a subcategory on the left to see specific systems.

The Most Durable Aftermarket Products for 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L Gas

Obtain the power level that the factory exhaust hides from you with one of our Exhaust Systems. You'll see backpressure disappear, giving you the increase in power that you want, and also lower exhaust gas temperatures will ensure that you don't do any unnecessary damage to your systems.

Get all of the output information that you need in one place with our Gauges and Mounting parts. They allow you to have your engine system readings conveniently placed for easy access, and don't create any disorganization issues, like loose parts or visible wires.