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Banks Products for GAS MOTORHOMES - GM

Find the true potential power of your GM Gas Motorhome with our products and systems. We carry 1988 through 2010 GM Motorhome compatible parts, all of which you can see below. You can also select a vehicle category to see only products that fit your make and model.

2001-10 GM 8.1L Workhorse 1996-00 GM 7.4L Vortec 1993-95 GM 6.5L Motorhome

Banks Products for 2001-10 GM 8.1L Workhorse

Banks Products for 1996-00 GM 7.4L Vortec

Banks Products for 1993-95 GM 6.5L Motorhome

1988-95 GM 454 Motorhome

Banks Products for 1988-95 GM 454 Motorhome

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Banks Power 41013 Air Filter Element Banks Power 41022 Air Filter Element Banks Power 41035 Air Filter Element
GM 454, Motorhome, Carbureted, with Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake Systems

1993-1998 GM 6.5L, 1996-2010 GM Motorhome, with Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake Systems

1996-1999 GM 350/454 Motorhome, 1997-1998 6.5L, with Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake Systems

Banks Power 49080 Ram-Air Intake System Banks Power 49081 Ram-Air Intake System Banks Power 49194 Ram-Air Intake System
1988-1995 GM 7.4L Gas, 454 Motorhome, Electronic Fuel Injection

1996-2000 GM 7.4L Gas, 454 Motorhome, P30 Chassis

2001-2010 GM 8.1L Gas, Motorhome, W-Series Chassis


The Most Efficient GM Gas Motorhome Aftermarket Parts

Provide the cool, dense air your engine needs to really boost your power and efficiency with our Ram-Air Intake Systems. Get better engine output without damaging your engine or having to shift constantly.

Change your system settings at will, and watch for any issues with the AutoMind Programmers. They allow you to adjust for maximum power in any driving condition, while you can also see any trouble codes that might appear.

Never struggle on steep hills or getting to freeway speeds. Install one of our Exhaust system upgrades and get the power you need to get away from a struggling transmission and constant shifting.

Meet the full capability of your motorhome with our Power Pack systems. They include everything you need in one cohesive system to optimize mileage, power, efficiency and durability to get you wear you want to be with less hassle, and less wear on your vehicle.