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Banks Products for GAS UTILITY - JEEP

Do away with factory performance restrictions with our gas Jeep system upgrades. We have a wide selection of parts for gas Jeep models from the 1987 to 2015 model years. Select from our vehicle categories below to view only parts for your make and model, or continue scrolling to view all Jeep products.

2012-2016 Jeep 3.6L 2007-15 Jeep 3.8L 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L

Banks Products for 2012-2016 Jeep 3.6L

Banks Products for 2007-15 Jeep 3.8L

Banks Products for 1991-02 Jeep 2.5L

1987-06 Jeep 4.0L

Banks Products for 1987-06 Jeep 4.0L

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Banks Power 66412 AutoMind 2 Programmer
Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Diesel, Gas, Handheld


The Most Efficient Gas Jeep Aftermarket Products

Maximize your airflow filtration and optimize your engine's power ability with our Ram-Air intake system and system components. Expand the airflow to the engine cylinders to increase fuel economy and ramp up power, all without risking damage to the system.

Never have to worry about unknown issues in your engine after you install one of our AutoMind programmers. AutoMind immediately displays any trouble codes, while also giving you the option to modify your engine calibrations for optimum fuel efficiency and power.

Make exhaust backpressure a thing of the past with our Exhaust System upgrades. The increased airflow our system provides to your engine amp up its power output and efficiency. The tail pipe tips that come with our exhaust packages come in your choice of polished chrome or high-temp black finishes.

Make the ultimate power upgrade to your vehicle with one of our Power Systems. With a collection of electronic gauges and programmers, exhaust system parts, and airflow upgrades, it's the only package you'll need to maximize your engine's power and efficiency capabilities.

Collect the information you need within your reach with our Gauges and Gauge Mounts. They provide the system readings you need in the styles you love to put the finishing touches on your system upgrades.

Let your engine be as efficient as it can be with our Intercooler Systems. They give your engine a significantly cooler stream of intake air, which allows for focus on power output instead of overheating.